July 10, 2020

Why Your Business Should Install Commercial Solar

Solar panels

Commercial solar might seem like a bit of a risk for some business owners but it can actually be a great option for offices, warehouses or other business structures. You might have heard of other businesses implementing commercial solar but be scared to try it yourself because of the upfront costs involved in installing a system. You may believe it’s not a feasible system for your business to have installed but in reality, commercial solar is a fantastic choice for businesses of all sizes. Whether it be large retail spaces or small offices, it offers a fantastic opportunity for businesses to see a financial return.


When should I use one?

Commercial solar can be beneficial for almost every kind of business. Electricity is important for many different purposes, in a business, it might be used to run the office or warehouse spaces, be used to power lights, keep computers running, run production machinery or even HVAC systems. Commercial solar systems can help to dramatically reduce utility bills at the end of every month. Some businesses may be put off by the cost to install equipment but it’s often the case that solar installation can save businesses money in the long run.

Good candidates for installation might include businesses with high power bills – having a system installed can save businesses money and can help to ensure that they’re putting money towards important expenses. Panels are perfect for large buildings with large roof spaces where it is easy to install systems and also for businesses that wish to offset their electricity consumption and improve their impact on climate change. Sustainable energy solutions are great for highly visible businesses as it shows a commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability, many customers and clients will appreciate your businesses commitment to sustainability and will be swayed by marketing efforts around protecting the environment.

The equipment involved is also becoming far more affordable and with lower costs to install it is becoming a much more attractive option.


Is your business right for installation

two men installing solar panels in the roof

Commercial solar is a highly cost-effective alternative to normal energy sources but many smaller businesses believe that it’s only for big businesses because huge corporations such as IKEA have famously turned to commercial solar. It’s simply not true that businesses have to large, the systems are suitable for businesses of all sizes. It may seem like a large investment in the beginning but you’ll quickly get a return on your investment and there are a number of benefits. Growing businesses should consider it as should businesses planning to improve their infrastructure. Most panels can help businesses significantly save on energy it can also them save up to 60% on electric bills.

It’s also a far greener and more sustainable solution to running electricity in your business, customers will appreciate your business positioning as a renewable and sustainable business. Additionally, there are incentives and rebates you may be able to access from the state and federal government including write-offs for purchases under $20,000. Companies can also take advantage of small scale technology certificates which can be redeemed in government-regulated markets. Additionally, electricity retailers will pay you for your excess electricity. Most systems give a good return on investment within three years and can also help to increase the value you of your business premises. Before investing you should consider if you will be allowed to add a system, systems over certain sizes will require permission to connect to the grid. You should also think about what rebates are available to you and which products you might consider.


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