May 8, 2020

Why You Might Need A Conveyancer In Campbelltown

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A conveyancer in Campbelltown handles the transferring of legal title (i.e. the ownership of land) from the old owner to the new owner. Indeed, this doesn’t necessarily have to be one person to another person, it could be business to business or person to business. As you can probably guess, there is a fair amount of legal work and documentation that goes into ensuring that the legal title is transferred successfully. Indeed, this guide will outline why you might need a conveyancer in Campbelltown, what they specifically do and the benefits of using their services.


How it all works

A conveyancer in Campbelltown will do everything necessary to ensure that the legal title of the property is transferred without any issues. This can be broken down into three succinct stages:

  • Pre-contract
  • Pre-completion
  • Post-completion

While this might seem easy and straightforward on a surface level, there are in fact many different elements to this process. In fact, the level of detail required in the legal documentation can be quite intensive, depending on the nature of the property and its value.


Are they lawyers?

While your average conveyancer in Campbelltown is likely a solicitor and has legal qualifications, they are not legally mandated to be qualified lawyers. The reason many solicitors move into this area of law is because it adheres well with their skillset. For someone not aware or accustomed to contract jargon, it could take weeks to even understand the process, let alone know exactly what you are doing at every stage.


For the seller

From the seller’s perspective, a conveyancer in Campbelltown will organise the following key tasks:

  • Fill out all the necessary legal documents
  • Request extension dates if necessary
  • Ask questions relating to legal title
  • Represent the seller in all interactions with the buyer


For the buyer

On the other hand, a conveyancer in Campbelltown acting at the behest of the buyer often has a lot more to do. Indeed, these roles include:

  • Calculating any adjustments to taxes and other rates
  • Placing the deposit money into a specified trust account
  • Researching the property, like easements, type of title and other information that needs addressing
  • Represent the buyer when engaging with an agent or vendor


What you need to ask your conveyancer in Campbelltown

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Before hiring the services of any professional, you need to clarify their credibility and qualifications. The following list are several questions you should ask if you are unsure about their capacity to handle your needs:

  • What type of properties do you commonly handle or specialise in?
  • How often should I expect to hear from you?
  • Can you give me an outline of your cost structure and specific feeds I will need to pay?
  • How long do you expect the process to take?

At the end of the day, all you’re asking for is some clarity about how long the process will take and how much you will likely owe at the end of it. This is very important if you are on a tight budget, both in terms of time and money.


What are the most important benefits?

Hiring a conveyancer in Campbelltown will provide you with a plethora of benefits. Firstly, they can help you navigate the tricky terrain of legal contracts, which often use obscure and elaborate terminology that is highly confusing to most people. They can also save you a lot of money since they can devise a series of financing options that will help save you a lot of money in the long run. Likewise, if you’re someone that finds it difficult to interact with new people, then hire a solicitor and you won’t have to worry!


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