July 5, 2019

How Social Media Can Help A Small Business Grow

If you are thinking of putting out an expensive advertisement on TV, hold that thought right there. Take a moment to consider social media marketing.  Now, if you are wondering how a social media account can help a business grow, they probably have no idea how to use it the right way. Here are the reasons that you might have missed to understand the true power of social media.

Connect with the audience

The first and foremost thing a social media platform with doing is get the word out. Since everyone is using one or the other social media platform whatever you post will get noticed by more people compared to the TV channels, and it has been proved. It will provide you the exposure that you need to create a market for your business. Take the help of your past customers to help spread the word out and in exchange, offer some goodies.


Social media has the biggest user base

The biggest phenomenon today is social media with platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube used by at least one person in every house. Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly active users, so why do you need to refer to anything else for your advertising. If at all, you are trying out something new, create an account, and post about your product every day with good pictures and information.

Cost-effective medium

The social media applications provide low-cost advertising features, which can save you a fortune as compared to TV advertisements. Since these platforms have a huge audience base, the chances of your content getting lost are huge. Take the help of these advertisement features to be on the front page of the users and tell them about your offers.

Social media is a two-way communication

two-way communication

With social media, you have the power to learn about the needs and demands of your consumers. You will get to know about their interests, and receiving feedback for your services becomes easy. You can ask your customers about the quality of your product or service and if they have any questions. This way, you will get to know your customers better to improve your business.

Social media users are active

Unlike any other platform, like billboards and televisions or your outlet, people are more actively using social media. That means the users are spending time on checking out things on the internet when they are on their devices. Whereas, in televisions, people have developed resistance to ads and often use the break time to bring popcorn or cleaning dishes. So they might miss your companies ad every time it is on TV. Whereas on social media, the case is different. They will scroll through their feed and will eventually find your advertisement, even twice a day.






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